Dongguan KoWe Printing Co., Ltd. is a professional trademark printing enterprises, mainly engaged in all kinds of stickers , silk screen nameplate , Epoxy, clothing label printing business . Factories located in Huangjiang town,DG,  convenient transportation and location , across the Shenzhen Baoan International Airport all the way . Flourish in KoWe employees "in good faith , diligence, conservation, innovation " for life guidance , and lay a solid foundation for the further development of wide dimension . KoWe based on the traditional label printing , innovation, integration of a variety of printing technology , holographic technology and electronic technology , is committed to providing all- party labeling solutions for the food , electronics, pharmaceutical, pesticide, chemical and other industries ; provided from special customization, product design and development services to the printing process and a series of materials . The spirit of " protecting and shaping the brand" business principles, broad -dimensional application of international standardization system ISO9001: 2015 and ISO14001 environmental and quality management processes , through management innovation, technological innovation, market and service innovation, and is committed to becoming a world-class labels and labeling system suppliers.

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